How To Become A Texas LTC Instructor

Want to become a Texas LTC instructor?. Texas is a gun friendly State and with a huge population of over 28 million, there will always be a steady flow of students. To get a Texas license to carry, a person must take a 4 to 6 hour class plus a range portion taught by a DPS certified Texas license to carry instructor.

Texas LTC Instructor

For a person to become a Texas LTC instructor you must take a 3 day LTC instructor course at the DPS training center in Florence, TX (near Austin). It’s actually two days in the classroom and about half a day at the range. The LTC instructor course is VERY EASY and on a basic level including the shooting portion.

One BIG catch, Not just anyone can take the Texas LTC instructor course. State law requires you to already have a “instructor certification” to be qualified to take the Texas LTC instructor course.

To meet the prerequisite requirement you must have ONE of the following certifications:

  •  TCOLE ( law enforcement) certified handgun instructor
  • Handgun instructor certified under Texas chapter 1702 (private security)
  •  Certified by a Nationally recognized organization as a handgun instructor (USCCA)

Getting certified by a Nationally recognized organization is the easiest and fastest way to meet the prerequisite requirement. It’s what most LTC instructors do and you can get certified over a weekend. The National organization we use is USCCA. We also hold the two day USCCA certified instructor course so you can get that certification from us. Our USCCA instructor certification course will qualify you to become a Texas LTC instructor.

All you have to do is take our two day course to become a USCCA certified instructor and you will meet the prerequisite requirement to become a Texas LTC instructor. We will also prepare you for the Texas LTC instructor course and assist you in signing up for it. It’s all easy and we have students from all across the State of Texas attend our USCCA instructor course. See our next USCCA instructor course date here:    USCCA certified instructors course

Becoming A USCCA Instructor

Becoming a USCCA instructor will meet the prerequisite requirement to become a Texas LTC instructor. You will be certified to teach concealed/open carry, basic defensive handgun and home defense. You will also be authorized to teach additional courses like countering the mass shooter threat and emergency first aid fundamentals by simply purchasing the toolkits and completing the eLearning module for these courses. (no additional instructor certifications needed). Just being a certified USCCA instructor will open up several streams of revenue for you on top of the Texas LTC class. You will also qualify for the USCCA affiliate program that pays a BIG percentage. We will set you up with all of this.

USCCA Powerpoint Presentation and class materials are the BEST in the industry, that’s why we chose them.

We look forward to having you in our instructor certification course.

Download Step By Step PDF HERE

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