How To Become A Texas LTC Instructor

You’ve most likely been searching the Internet for answers on How to Become a Certified Instructor or Concealed Handgun Instructor. Your Search is Over; Begin Your Process Today! Our Course is recognized in many states but here we will focus on getting certified in TEXAS.

Let’s start with the most common question:

What are the requirements for becoming a certified Texas License to Carry a Handgun (LTC) instructor?
The State of Texas has specific eligibility requirements and you can find them in the Texas Government Code,  §411.172 and §411.190. It is not as complicated as it seems, Let’s explain the prerequisites for how to become a Texas LTC Instructor:
You must be 18 years old and provide written proof that you are certified to instruct other in the use of firearms, handguns to be specific. There are four ways that qualify you as a certified instructor: (you only need one of these to qualify)

#1. Written proof that you successfully completed a certified firearms/handgun instructor course from a nationally accepted course designed to train person as handgun instructors, this is part of the requirement. With this you must regularly instruct persons in the use of handguns for this to qualify as the Handgun instructor requirement. Important Note: Successfully completing our 2 day Certified Instructor Course WILL qualify under this requirement by the State of Texas.

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#2. Certification as a firearm instructor under the Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 1702, A copy of your Private Security Instructor registration will also be sufficient to become a certified Texas License to Carry a Handgun Instructor candidate. 

#3. TCOLE firearm instructor certification will be sufficient to become a certified Texas License to Carry a Handgun Instructor candidate. You can submit copies of your TCOLE documents. Important Note: You MUST be a Certified Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) FIREARM INSTRUCTOR, NOT just a BASIC INSTRUCTOR.

#4. NRA firearm instructor Certification. Simply submit copies of your current (not expired) credentials qualify to become a certified Texas License to Carry a Handgun Instructor candidate. You Must be certified to instruct handgun/pistol. 

Once you can supply one of the qualifications above:
1. You have to complete your application online: Day #2 of our course, we will cover this process. 
2. Pay the fees
3. Complete the  required training 
4. Submit all supporting documentation (explained on DPS website)
To be clear, you must already be an instructor, to take the 3 day, Texas DPS LTC Instructor Course. That is why taking OUR course is the GOLD Standard for candidates all over Texas to become a Texas Certified LTC Instructor.

Day #1 – Running A Live Fire Range

How to Become A Certified  USCCA Instructor

Becoming a USCCA instructor meets the prerequisite requirement to become a Texas LTC instructor as listed in the DPS requirements section of the Texas LTC-90 .
Set yourself apart from other self-defense instructors in your area with the nationally recognized USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor Certification. This course, (Lessons listed below) is the gold standard for law-abiding Americans seeking to obtain their concealed carry permits.
  • Developing a Personal- and Home-Protection Plan
  • Self-Defense Firearms Basics
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • The Legal Use of Force
  • Violent Encounters and the Aftermath
  • Gear and Gadgets
  • Basic and Advanced Skills
Everything you’ll need to effectively teach your students is included in your USCCA Instructor Toolkit, including a PowerPoint presentation, books and more. *Plus, the USCCA has a dedicated product-development team that continually improves and updates curriculum based on what you and your students are asking for.
What You Will Be Authorized To Teach Your Students:
(no additional instructor led courses to attend, just purchase the toolkits for the additional curriculums, complete the eLearning, then begin teaching)
Huge value! ——-> You will also get access to the USCCA partner program that pays a BIG percentage. On Day #2, we cover all of this. 
We look forward to having you in our Instructor Certification Course.




Q: Is there another website with additional information?
A: Absolutely, Click HERE.
Q: Will I be able to teach an LTC course once completed with your USCCA Certified Instructor Course?
A: You will ONLY be able to offer an ONLINE LTC course but not administer the Certified Texas LTC class until you complete training with DPS. However you are able to teach a CCW class in states where our USCCA course meets their requirements. More info explained in the Course.
Q: Do I need to apply to be a DPS Certified Texas LTC Instructor before taking your class?
A: We recommend that your wait until the class as we will walk you through the application process. If you’ve already applied, no worries, we will still help you with a smooth process and what to expect.
Q: When will DPS schedule me to take their instructor’s class?
A: Once all your application data is received, DPS will notify you of the date and other details of your class.
Q: Will I be able to teach classes everywhere once certified?
A: You will be able to teach classes wherever you choose, however the official Certified Texas LTC Course may only be administered by a currently certified DPS Instructor. On Day#2, we will cover all the places you can teach our curriculum. We will also show you how to begin making money starting Day#1.
Q: How difficult is the Certified Texas LTC Instructor Course?
A: Feedback from our Certified Instructors Candidates that have successfully passed the Certified Texas LTC Instructor Course all say it is very basic, much like taking the LTC course all over again with a lot more explanation on rules, regulations & additional instructor info. We have even heard that our USCCA Certified Instructor Course prepared them to pass the DPS course with ease. Regardless, we prepare you properly for the Certified Texas LTC Instructor Course.
Q: Where is the Certified Texas LTC Instructor Course held?
A: It’s held at the DPS Training Facility in Florence, Texas.
Day #1: Classroom training, power points & lectures (DPS instructors will literally give you an LTC class all over again)
Day #2: More Classroom training, power points, lectures then the day ends with a written test.
Day#3: Range Day: Qualify with a revolver and a semi automatic. (we even give you the tips to “Ace” this!)
Q: I still have questions; can I talk to someone?
A: Of course, you can call Steve at 210-204-504
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