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“Shooting Only” Segment of LTC Course**

Original price was: $69.95.Current price is: $49.95.

**Includes Outdoor Range Fee (Indoor & Private Range Fee Varies) Ask for details….

1. Primarily inexperienced students who have taken their LTC classroom training elsewhere.

2. Apprehensive students who plan to take the LTC “classroom segment” at a distant location and want to have the shooting test “over with” so as to not be stressed out, embarrassed and/or endangered later.

3. Students who did not pass their shooting test on their first attempt elsewhere or did just barely “pass” the “shooting test” of a CHL course, are still “consciously incompetent” and would like to voluntarily participate again (with some coaching and practice first) in a less tense environment to improve their personal knowledge, skills and/or attitude.

4. Honest, realistic CHL instructors who want to refer some inexperienced students (with top portion of LTC-100 completed) to ACSD. Please, no referrals of students who have been dismissed for safety rule violations and/or attitude!

The DPS “Certificate of Training” LTC-100 contains two distinct sections. The “Classroom Training” and the “Proficiency Demonstration”.  Both can be completed by the same certified CHL instructor – or they can be performed by separate instructors.

By law, the “Classroom Training” is now (since Sept. 1, 2013) specified to be 4 to 6 hours, while the “Proficiency Demonstration” has no such minimum or maximum time constraints. Although DPS has stated repeatedly (since 1995) in LTC instructor classes that the LTC “demonstration of proficiency” is NOT intended to teach beginners how to shoot a handgun, many (normally part-time) instructors continue to mix very inexperienced (and sometimes pure novice) shooters on the firing line with experienced shooters. Therefore, “shooting tests” in many range environments often creates anxiety for all participants, with many failures. As such, we offer the following approximately 2 ½ hour private class only (no one else in the range) option for:

Additional information

Additional Info

This class includes:
* ACSD’s 1-hour safety orientation (the first step towards membership to our private range)
* Use of Eye and Ear Protection (if student does not already have their own)
* Two B-27 targets for training/practice purposes and one B-27 target for CHL qualification
* Approximately 15 minutes of  “hands on” work in classroom staging area with specific focus on fundamentals of marksmanship and “running the gun” with (preferably) student’s handgun and DCSA’s inert training rounds
* +$60 option to use a DCSA .38 revolver or 9mm semi and 100 rounds of ammo
* Approx. 40 minutes in 2-position private range for coaching during 50 rounds of practice followed by a short break.
* Upon mutual agreement of “ready”, the student’s first official attempt on 50-round “demonstration of proficiency” (shooting test: which, with electric target carriers, typically takes only about 20 minutes).
* Upon successful completion, instructor sign-off on bottom section of CHL-100 and follow up report to DPS of student’s PASS!

Cancellation Policy

* Cancellations made more than 14 days prior to the scheduled class start time may choose between a full refund or a transfer of the class fee to a future scheduled class within one calendar year at no cost pending availability.
* Cancellations made less than 14 days prior to the scheduled class start time may transfer the class fee to a future scheduled class within 90 days at no cost pending availability but will not be eligible for a refund.
* Any no show with no call will result in no refund.
* All class fees collected where the class was not attended by the payee will be forfeited after 90 days of the originally scheduled class.
* In cases where the class has been attended, there will be no refunds


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