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Beginner Shooter Defender Package

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This package includes 3 classes, 2 of which are private and scheduled on a per availability basis. There are no REFUNDS for unattended courses.

First Class is a private one hour range session covering the basics of handgun safety and use. The Second Class reviews the information from class #1, and defensive shooting concepts are introduced.

The Third Class is our Texas LTC (License to Carry) class:

Subjects Covered:

Concealed carry law
Where you can carry and where you cannot
When you can use force or deadly force
Legal implications of use of force or deadly force
Texas weapons laws
Non Violent dispute resolution
Firearms safety

The purpose of this class is to teach new handgun owners how to manipulate and shoot their handgun safely and effectively. It is very hands-on and is taught in a progressive manner leading up to live fire exercises. The end goal is for you to feel confident, handle your firearm safely, be able to shoot accurately and efficiently.

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Suitable for individuals with little or no experience that would like to get their LTC, but become “well trained and comfortable with handling a firearm.

Our Beginner Shooter Defender Package aims to equip new owners with the knowledge and skills to handle their firearms safely and effectively. We emphasize a hands-on approach and a progressive learning path leading up to live fire exercises, whether or not you choose to bring your own handgun.

**Safety First:**

We double down on safety rules and procedures throughout the course.

Repetition is key to ingraining safe gun handling habits. We include interactive drills and simulations to reinforce learning.
We Emphasize responsible gun ownership beyond the range.

Discuss storage, transportation, and legal aspects of firearm possession.

We’ve created a safe and inclusive learning environment. We encourage open communication and address any safety concerns promptly.

**We start with the fundamentals.

Breaking down each skill, like grip, stance, and sight alignment, into clear, manageable steps. We provide ample practice opportunities with unloaded firearms.
**We offer personalized feedback and corrections.** Observe students’ practice and offer constructive guidance to help them refine their skills.
* **Gradually increase complexity.** Introduce live fire exercises only once participants demonstrate safe and confident handling of unloaded firearms. Start with close distances and static targets, then progress to more challenging scenarios as skills improve.

Question: How Do We Help Build Your Confidence?

Answer: We celebrate small wins and progress.

We acknowledge participants’ efforts and improvement throughout the course. We promote a positive and encouraging learning environment. Avoid comparing students to each other and focus on individual growth. We offer opportunities for continued learning.We provide resources for further practice and education, such as range memberships or advanced courses.

Remember, responsible gun ownership requires not only technical skills but also a strong commitment to safety and ethical behavior. By focusing on these aspects, our course can empower new handgun owners like you to handle their firearms with confidence and responsibility.





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