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**Most Popular- Range Only Training**

Mixing beginners with experienced shooters can create safety hazards. Beginner mistakes, like improper gun handling or aiming, can put others at risk. Therefore, “shooting tests” in many range environments often creates anxiety for all participants, with many failures. As such, we offer the following: approximately 1 to 1 ½ hour private class for only beginners. Price includes Outdoor Range Fee/Indoor fee is Extra

One of the biggest advantages to taking our self defense classes is the confidence it builds afterwards. A lot of people are simply not confident with their abilities to protect themselves before they take classes.

Self defense classes teach specific strategies and techniques that can effectively combat the kind of threats you’re likely to encounter, such as a robbery, assault or even rape.

This USCCA instructor certification course meets the Texas DPS prerequisite requirement to become a Texas License to Carry Instructor. People from even North Texas and as far away as New Mexico & South Texas come to take our USCCA Instructor course so they can become a Texas license to carry instructor. Add value and more training classes to your teaching arsenal with these additional classes available for you once you become a Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals Certified Instructor.

What You Will Teach Your Students

This Course is for Women Only. Get training designed specifically for Women. Practice, Learn and Grow as a confident shooter. Women Only Self Defense Classes are available upon request.


Suitable for individuals with little or no experience that would like to get their LTC, but become “well trained and comfortable with handling a firearm.

Our Beginner Shooter Defender Package aims to equip new owners with the knowledge and skills to handle their firearms safely and effectively. We emphasize a hands-on approach and a progressive learning path leading up to live fire exercises, whether or not you choose to bring your own handgun.

 This package includes 3 classes, 2 of which are private and scheduled on a per availability basis. There are no REFUNDS for unattended courses , add to Cart and Choose the payment option that works best for your family/group.

Excellent choice for those with a current LTC license for a few years already. Also a great “Pre-LTC” course for beginners as well. ​The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Home Defense Course is a 3.5 hour course (plus range time). Prior firearms experience if preferable, but not at all required. This course covers:

The basic firearm safety rules. Learn how to safely and properly handle, use and store a handgun. Learn proper basic pistol shooting fundamentals such as aiming, grip, stance, breathing, trigger control, etc.

We can bring OUR LTC / CHL CLASS to your Home or Business…or you can come to US!

This package is for an LTC / CHL for 10 people. Each additional person (5 max) $75.00. Cost includes coffee, sodas, lunch, classroom training, range instruction, range fees, eye and ear protection rental and targets. Firearms can be rented from the range for $35/per shooter. We offer an Alamo City Self Defense LLC discount of $25/per person firearm rental.

Payment plans are available…add to Cart and Choose the payment option that works best for your family/group.

This 2-hour class is geared for novice shooters to get a brief exposure to the shooting sports using five of our rental handguns at NO additional cost.

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