Become a USCCA Certified Instructor in 3 Easy Steps

#1. Choose an Instructor Course

  • Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals is an Excellent Choice – Classroom instruction for your future students to obtain their permits. Once you’ve signed up for your course, you’ll receive your  eLearning modules to start preparing for the in-person class.

#2. Take a Class With a USCCA Training Counselor

Upon completion of the eLearning portion of your certification, you’ll be able to attend an in-person course with USCCA Training Counselor, Steve Maduro.

Training Counselors are active and experienced instructors who have been hand-selected and trained by the USCCA to train future instructors.

#3. Get Your Instructor Certification and Toolkit

After successfully completing your in-person training, you’ll receive your instructor credentials and toolkit in the mail.

The toolkit includes everything you’ll need to teach the course, including lesson plans, course books for your students and other valuable tools based on which course you selected.


What are students saying about our classes…
Wonderful course. Steve was a very patient and very thorough training counselor. I walked away from the course knowing what I needed to work on to become a better instructor myself. So excited to get started on this journey and would highly recommend his class to anyone!
Taylor S.
Submitted on Feb 20, 2023
Steve Maduro demonstrated subject matter expertise. His knowledge and teaching style imparted both the critical information and how to instruct new and experienced gun owners. His emphasis on safety in the classroom and on the range is outstanding. Steve is a great instructor.
Terry H
Submitted on Feb 20, 2023
Our instructor Steve Maduro was incredible. He is extremely competent in the teaching content for this class and he is gifted in teaching in what can seem like, complex material in a simple and concise way. Thoroughly enjoyed it
Jay M
Submitted on Jan 15, 2023
10/10 *thumbs up! I really enjoyed taking this class. Steve is a great trainer and I am more than excited to get out there and train my first group of women. Looking forward to furthering my training with Steve as well!
Aradia W
Submitted on Nov 8, 2022
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