Shoot-Around w/Instructor

October 10th 9:30am @ Cedar Ridge Gun Range 

(see map below)

**** 11 STUDENTS MAX ****


Registration Link

 (Please read the requirements below before registering)

**Please make sure you CAN attend PRIOR to registering, “There will be NO refunds” as we will guarantee your spot which will not be available to another student. Range fee is PrePaid. 

***First come-first served…this training is for ACSD students only***


We will cover basic firearm safety rules. Learn how to safely and properly handle, use and store a handgun. Learn proper basic pistol shooting fundamentals such as aiming, grip, stance, breathing, trigger control, and much more. I will personally work on some areas and will coach and have you join me as well. 

**Age Requirement is 18 yrs and older. Children are not allowed on the Range, Only the registered individual may attend the session**

Click HERE to register….

Come range ready with:

  • Picture ID is Required
  • Semi-automatic handgun or revolver (UNLOADED and in a BOX/or CASE) of any caliber in good repair and have no modifications that will make the handgun less safe.  (handguns available to rent)
  • Baseball cap (optional)
  • Safety glasses (limited availability from range)
  • Ear protection that covers your ears (limited availability from range)
  • Footwear that entirely covers both feet (if it rains it may be MUDDY)
  • 50 rounds of commercially produced ammunition (minimum)
  • Handgun rental is $15.00 / You MUST provide your own Ammo….

Use commercial ammunition only. (store/range purchased ammo)

If you are Renting one of OUR firearms, NO STEEL or ALUMINUM Case Ammunition is allowed to be used.

**Please notify the Range Instructor in advance if you need to rent a firearm, first come first serve**

**Please notify the Range Instructor of any medical accommodations required**

**Once you have READ and UNDERSTAND the details, you may submit your payment HERE.  #1. Choose $20 Shoot Around with Instructor #2. Choose October 10th Date #3. Make payment. (no other dates are available other than October 10th) DO NOT BOOK UNLESS YOU ARE A PRIOR STUDENT 7 SURE THAT YOU CAN ATTEND **NO REFUNDS**

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