Why Get A Texas Concealed Carry Permit

Texas Senate approves permitless carry of handguns in party-line vote

This would allow citizens of Texas to carry a weapon without a permit, background check or training class. Of course, you still have to legally be able to own and carry a firearm in order to take advantage of the new law.

Therefore, we get a lot of questions from potentials students about why they would embark on taking a class and incurring a cost to get a permit if one isn’t necessary anymore in order to carry a handgun. Below are the various reasons why:

  • Reciprocity – If you ever travel outside of Texas you will want a permit in order to carry concealed. Currently, over 30 states honor or have reciprocity with the Texas CCW permit. Without the permit you cannot carry in any of those states.
  • Without a permit you can not carry your firearm within 1000 feet of a school. Do you realize how difficult it is to avoid 1000 feet boundries of every school in the state? (Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act)
  • If you have a permit the process of obtaining a background check when you purchase a firearm is bypassed.
  • Having a permit makes it easier for law enforcement to identify you as a person who has gone through a legal process to obtain training and education. It also proves to them that you can pass a rigorous background check, whereas people who don’t have a permit perhaps chose not to undergo the scrutiny of a background check. It says a lot about you when you find yourself in a confrontation (like a traffic stop) and you have a firearm.
  • Your legal representation will thank you if perhaps you eventually end up in court to defend your own firearm related actions you will be more defend-able from charges like recklessness and negligence.
  • An LTC Says a Lot About YouYou are NOT a criminal, You pay your child support, You pay your taxes, LTC individuals rarely are convicted of crimes, No committed mental health issues
  • We believe the greatest and most important reason is the training. While we don’t feel that citizens should be legally required to obtain training in order to exercise a constitutional right; we do understand how critical training and education is. In the process of getting a permit you will learn critical skills and obtain important knowledge including:
    • Texas laws relating to the use of force. WHEN you can legally defend yourself
    • Texas laws relating to daily carry. WHERE you can carry and HOW you can have the firearm on your person
    • Firearm safety skills
    • Knowledge about tactics and self-defense
    • Information about dealing with law enforcement after a deadly encounter
    • Much Much More
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