Why Get A Texas Concealed Carry Permit

Texas Senate approves Unlicensed carry of handguns 

With that being said, Why on earth would someone pay money, sit in a class and wait for a license to arrive in the mail?  Don’t be misinformed, you must still legally be able to own and carry a handgun in order to carry under the new law.

With all the confusion about the law and what it allows, we get a ton of questions from potential students about why they pay for a class to get a license if it isn’t the law anymore in order to carry a firearm. Below are a few of the many reasons why:

  • Reciprocity – If you ever travel outside of Texas you will want a permit in order to carry concealed. Currently, 37 states honor and/or have reciprocity with the Texas LTC permit. Without the permit you cannot legally carry in any of those states.
  • (Federal Gun-Free School Zones Act is a real issue for unlicensed handgun carriers) Without a permit you can not carry your firearm within 1000 feet of a school. It is nearly impossible to avoid all the school zones around the country while carrying an unlicensed firearm. 
  • If you have a permit, you will skip the background check when purchasing a handgun. We’ve heard delays for all kinds of things like same name as a convicted felon, misspelled names or even incorrect country of birth being input! 
  • Having a permit makes is like an instant background check for law enforcement, it means you pay your taxes, child support, no felonies in the past 10 years, no misdemeanors in the past 5 and so much more!
  • Reckless and negligence charges are easier to fight in court with LTC training and other ongoing training under your belt. 
  • We believe the greatest and most valuable reason is the education you receive. Subjects covered include:
    • Texas laws relating to the use of force. WHEN you can legally defend yourself
    • Texas laws relating to the Legal Use of Force
    • Firearm safety and proper storage
    • Situational awareness and conflict avoidance
    • Interaction with law enforcement after a critical incident
    • Much Much More
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