Color Codes of Awareness

  • White “The condition of MOST Victims”
  • Never while “Armed” – Defensive shooting might occur & could’ve been avoided
  • Smart phones, MP3 players provide the perfect atmosphere for condition white
  • Criminals prefer Victims in this condition 
  • Victims fail to recognize emotions or aggressiveness of others
  • Yellow “Aware of Your Surroundings”
  • Anytime in Public
  • Not paranoid but scan for possible threats and their sources
  • Posture and demeanor says “I am alert”
  • MUST be In condition Yellow when ARMED
  • Orange “Identified Possible Threat or Threats”
  • Realize something may be wrong
  • You make a plan on how to react/ Ex. Exit strategy, Increase distance, Verbal commands “stay back”, Taking Cover
  • Defined a mental trigger that will move you to take action such as an individual refusing your commands and moving into your protective bubble
  • While your weapon may still be holstered, you should prepare to access it
  • Red  “Action is Immediate”
  • Your mental trigger has been tripped and you execute your plan to Escape, Take Cover or Engage the Threat
  • Trust your instinct, it’s far better to run away from a situation that turned out NOT to be a threat than it is to be stuck in a mental block of “this can’t be what I think it is and guessing wrong”
  • The use of FORCE is still governed by the obligation to retreat if possible and the obligation to use something less than deadly force if it will suffice. 
  • A use of FORCE is NOT the REQUIRED outcome. 
  • LTC (License To Carry) is an option that may be used if we find ourselves unable to avoid or escape a dangerous situation when we are out in public. 
  • It is NOT a permit to go places, say things or act in a way that we should not do otherwise

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